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Foldable Plug

Posted in Interior Design, Product Design on June 23, 2009 by vetika

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New Skateboard Graphics

Posted in Graphic Design, Illustration, Product Design on March 21, 2009 by vetika

No sooner do I mention Michael Leon (in my previous post about does he pop up again, writing the foreward and showcasing some of his work in a new book about skateboard graphics. Books about skateboard graphics have been done before, some good, some bad. This one features one of my personal favourites Evan Hecox, Arkitip cohort and artist for Chocolate skateboards, so this one’s definitely on the ‘must have’ list.


Evan Hecox book spread

Evan Hecox book spread

 Michael Leon for Rasa Libre (RIP)

Check out some of the boards Michael Leon did for the now defunct Rasa Libre. What could be more awesome than an octopus floating in space?

I’ll tell you:

Nothing could be more awesome than an octopus floating in space.

Posted in Product Design on March 20, 2009 by vetika

Nelson beer.

Not particularly notable, it just caught my eye as I thought this one looked very ‘Michael Leon’.

The typewriter ribbons have been blogged before, but the colours on the Thorobred and the freehand ‘Nylon’ on the Keelox? So good.

Strathmore paper.

Check the colours and use of flourishes. It would be a disservice to print to draft on this.

PS: I just checked out the Strathmore site. Don’t even bother. It’s awful.














No, seriously.

Haus_Rucker-Co Splendid blend

Posted in Architecture, Product Design with tags on February 11, 2009 by mrlolly


Haus-Rucker Company 1960’s mind expanding machines et al.