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Andy Gilmore, cover of Creative Review

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Gratuitous self-promotion on this post. Andy Gilmore, Vetika shop artist, cover of Creative Review Magazine 2009.


Bad Turkish Graphics

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‘Aesthetics’ died back in the early 00’s. Always the best graphics and superb art direction (they also had an awesome Tamiya-style box art series), pictures of their boards are hard to come by.

Here’s a treat: their handheld series from around 2002.

And some more:

Livery Series:


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Support the good pupils of Bath Spa university.

Friday 3 April 2009/ 6 – 8pm

The Dray Walk Gallery/

Brick Lane, London E1 6QL

We Are In Progress

New Skateboard Graphics

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No sooner do I mention Michael Leon (in my previous post about does he pop up again, writing the foreward and showcasing some of his work in a new book about skateboard graphics. Books about skateboard graphics have been done before, some good, some bad. This one features one of my personal favourites Evan Hecox, Arkitip cohort and artist for Chocolate skateboards, so this one’s definitely on the ‘must have’ list.


Evan Hecox book spread

Evan Hecox book spread

 Michael Leon for Rasa Libre (RIP)

Check out some of the boards Michael Leon did for the now defunct Rasa Libre. What could be more awesome than an octopus floating in space?

I’ll tell you:

Nothing could be more awesome than an octopus floating in space.

Razzle Dazzle

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Fine artist Norman Wilkinson created camoflaged ships in world war one, Based in part on the artistic fashions of the time, particularly Cubism. The result was “Dazzle Painting” the yanks called it “Razzle Dazzle.” The idea was that it broke up the lines of a ship so you couldn’t tell which was the front or the stern. I think all cars should be painted like this.

1970’s Findings

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